Fungal disease on fig

I have 4 figs in a greenhouse as a pet project and this was the first year some fruits appeared. Only 1 fig had fruit and all fruit was concentrated onto a few branches.

Needless to say I was excited to try them but a month or so ago every branch that had fruit started wilting and died. We pruned them out and since then the plant has not suffered any more attacks, nor were the other 3 plants affected at all. I know these figs are over watered and it is often humid in there but I find it puzzling that only the branches with fruit died.

Perhaps @fruitnut has experience with this.

You have a rabbit or rodent problem? Looks like some chewing on those lower limb portions.

There were some mice in the winter but they left the figs alone. We got rid of them because they were nesting in the insulation. If they did come back it would be odd for them to chew the plants in the summer and even then only a few branches of the single fruiting plant. I think the white spots are fungal growth that does resemble chew marks in the photo.

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