Fungicide for apples

Is it too late to spray my apples before they bloom?

I think @alan first spray myclobutanil is at about the stage of your apples in the pic.

You can do dormant sprays through pink - when there is just a bit of pink of the blossoms visible in the cluster. I usually do mine at about the stage of the picture.


Yes, for lots of clients I spray a hort-oil (sunspray) and myclo mix sometime during half inch green to not so tight cluster when earliest flowers are showing pink. By the time some pink is showing it’s usually too late to apply oil to much else in the orchard, though.

Thanks! I did oil earlier, but weather has been so wet I haven’t gotten to Myclo yet. Gonna be a good apple, Bluberry year on the Cape.

We will get rain (again) tomorrow from noon on. Then, it gets cold (for mid April) down to 31F on Wed night.

The weatherman just said today that our April has been colder than average so far with 13 of 20 days being below average.

I start spraying my first myclo after petal fall. Got oil in last month.

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You think too cod to spray?

Not at all since you spray during the day so water is not frozen.

I just like it when I have dry weather 24 hours after I spray. Just me.

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I sprayed mine two days ago. Tomorrow the arborist is coming to do the crabapple I can’t reach the top of.

Good to hear.