Futile rehabilitation of a persimmon or it could be beneficial?

Hello all:

The tree on the photos is 3 years old. It’s Prairie dawn. On May 0, 2021 I decided to put it in ground. My luck: 2 weeks later the main leader decided to break apart:

So I decided to take the longest branch of this rather young tree and and make it its new main leader.

To my amazement the tree got a lot of flowers and made some fruitlets which I was certain it would drop quite rapidly. But no:

The newly branch/main leader did not grow a lot during the last 3 months but maybe the tree need a longer period of time to decide whether it would accept or refuse its new buddy.

I keep my finger crossed and will see what the next growing vegetative season will bring…


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If you keep it forced into that position for a winter or two you will be fine. I have done that with several.

Thank you very much for your answer. Marc N.B. I will keep my fingers crossed.