Fyrefly Apple

Curious if anyone has tried “Fyrefly” and what you think about it. A local “fruit stand” type place got them in and we’re always interested in trying new varieties… They’re not bad, I’d buy more of 'em…

Googling the name I find this one orchard in PA who say they’re the only one with them. I’m assuming it’s their cross and name…

A comment on the post by them:

They’re truly amazing! They have a very robust flavor - almost like crunching into a really delicious glass of apple cider with a great blend of sweet and tart varieties all mixed into one! They definitely have a sweet-tart profile. They remind me a little of Sun Crisp, but just way better!


The great thing about apples is that there is a variety out there for every taste and every purpose. If it becomes your favorite apple that’s all there is to it.

My favorite eating apple I grow is prairie magic, sweet tart and crisp with amazing pie texture. My daughter declared the Kerr crab apple tree to be exclusively for juicing, which is funny considering that it is the only apple cider she would drink. And our favorite apple for the hard cider blend is pretty much inedible, hard, acidity off the scale, tannic enough to staunch a wound, and yet magical in the cup.