G.16 rootstock

I just got an order from a nursery that has an apple on the G.16 rootstock. I read that this rootstock is hypersensitive to certain viruses. Has anyone owning a tree on the G.16 rootstock ever had virus related problems with their trees?
Thank you

I have Winecrisp on G16. I planted it in 2016. I haven’t had a problem with viruses. I do clean (sanitize) my pruning tools with alcohol before pruning the tree to reduce the risk of transferring latent viruses from other trees. The tree really has a nice shape and it naturally shaped up to a good tall spindle shape.

The main risk is that you would transfer a latent virus from another tree and then your tree on G16 would die. I think if you clean (sanitize) pruning tools before use and don’t graft scionwood on to your G16 tree I think you would be fine.