Garden in the wild

All down the slope are a sample of fruit trees, persimmon, Lots of them, Tony pluots, figs, tree peonies, lots of paw paws(no tags) all grafted, lots of dogwoods, Japanese maples, wild maple and lastly lots of fish, lots deer.
The no so wild section.citrus and others.

Sinking tree’s for fish habitat.

Cruising on main lake.


Beautiful. In a wounded and worried world plant more trees.

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Very nice. Thanks.

I have what I call a wood’s edge garden. Deer are a problem, will kill young trees if not protected. Mine is mostly berries and some trees.

Good luck with yours. Looks like a very nice spot. I like my spot on an island too. Lot’s of fish too!

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I was going to ask if that picture was in Kentucky or Tennessee, but I see you’re in Arkansas.

Lovely place!

Numerous places, such as Kansas or Iowa have more trees today than they did 100 years ago…or 200 years ago.

And Kentucky has come up some in the last 40 years, but probably has considerably fewer trees than 250 years ago. The American Chestnut being a major loss around 100 years ago.
And small scale subsistence farms on hillsides in the late 1800’s and early to mid 1900’s have been abandoned back to timber in quite a number of rural counties. Especially this trend has continued since government support for growing tobacco became history.