Garden update


I am all for perennial veggies/herbs. They are so much easier to grow and can start to harvest early. Just PM me sometime in the early fall to remind me.I can include the Korean water celery too if you want.


how are you overwintering that rosemary? I find rosemary to be one of the most frustrating plants to overwinter. Some years I’ve had it survive in a whisky barrel unprotected. Taking it inside is almost always a death sentence between desiccation and root rot.



I put the rosemary pot by the west facing window around October of each fall.


dropwort the name of Korean water celery, also is called Japanese parsley.


@mamuang where can I order some of the Holy basils ? Also good luck with the tomato seeds, that description about the tomatoes sounds really good!

@IL847 where can I order some of the lovage and water celery from? I love I you describe how you can use the herbs with different dishes or meats!

Thank you all for sharing and posting about it.


@tonyOmahaz5, that breba looks pretty good and your mulberries Congrats! Also thanks for posting about all your herbs they look really good!

Can you describe more about the Thai basils please.



They are sweet basil and a little nicer fragrant than the Italian basil. They are very popular in Southeast Asia.


Great to heard about it because we just got a Thai Basil plant. Thanks


PM me in the fall , I can send you some seeds. Lovage germination is low, need use fresh seeds


Putting lovage under fish- I am going to try this tonight! I have a lovage plant but am always stumped on what to do with it, the flavor is too strong for my tastes in soup.


Thank you for the offer @IL847 Annie !


My leafy greens have been large enough to harvest for some weeks now. I had to eat salad for breakfast yesterday because there is so much coming in. I want to get to them while they’re still young and tender.

Lots of Red Russian kale— my favorite variety of kale that I’ve grown.

Various lettuce; Forellenschluss, Red Sales, etc

More various lettuce and mustard greens

Even more various lettuce, chard, and cilantro

Mâche/Feldsalat— my favorite spring green. It’s very much so an ephemeral treat in these parts.


Awesome sight Andrew.

Here is my revolving door green onions bundle. The gift keep on giving.


How do you protect against bunnies? Have not seen your fence?


Check out this wild yellow flowers at the end of the driving range next to my lot.


We don’t have these rabbits where I live. There is an abundant feral cat and hawk population that eliminates them. I see a few yearly but they disappear as quickly as they appear.

I only have to spray spinosad twice a month to control white cabbage butterflies, and leaf miners but haven’t had to yet this year. It seems the natural predators are keeping them under control so far this year.


Nice garden with good varieties of greens. For some reasons, mache is quiet common veggie in Europe but very hard to find here. I tried to grow it myself in the past without much luck.
Red Russian can be over wintered here without protection if it is mild winter. I use the flower stalks of over winteted kale. They taste better than the leaves


Yes, mâche cannot normally be purchased at the grocery store in the States. I’ve only seen it on occasion at Wholefoods. I saw it everywhere in Germany including everyday stores like Aldi at low prices. People who don’t know about it are missing out. The delicate, buttery taste is divine. It self seeds in my garden, returning every year. The self seeded plants flower too quickly though. I collect their seeds to replant in late winter with better results. Mâche produces a lot of seeds… Here are my plants that went to flower right now.

My Red Russian kale did overwinter this past year. The flower stalks are like broccolini! Like you said, they are very tasty.


Love me some Speckled Trout’s Back!


Started working on the kitchen garden today. Hope to finish tomorrow and begin working on the big garden.