Gardening in the floodlands

Not a good year. Brassicas are all yellow and stunted, esp the bok choi, which has bolted and been pulled.

Tomato leaves turning yellow.

Green bean seeds rotted in the mud.

Strawberries so far look TERRIFIC but I fear mold and rot. Spraying fungicide, but who knows how much good it will do.


Winter is not over there?

There is a heat wave here. 90 degrees F and sunny as I type this.

My tomatoes are starting to bloom and my apples are big as golf balls and my plum tree is so loaded that I’m worried that my limbs are going to break! Great year.

Sorry about your troubles though.

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It’s not winter, it’s just rainy

send some my way. driest may i can remember!

Here, the record for wettest May was in 2018, which was broken in 2019, which was broken this week.

It’s raining right now.


Maybe you’ll have some luck shine your way soon, Lois.

My place is squishy to walk around. And we didn’t get the rains that occurred last year for here. Last year might have been record breaking here in NW, IL. I carved out a wetland cause my mower continued getting stuck. Probably one the the best things I’ve done in the 11-years living here cause it’s happened prior. All the hills on my 6-acres roll to a flat area of poplar and silver maple mostly junk trees. About the only thing that can survive that non-oxygenated soil.



I’m getting a little lucky this year (missing the heavy rains), but i’ve had plenty of rains in the past. This area was actually in a “dry” spell but that seems to be quickly changing (rain moving towards us as i type). I don’t know…with all this low pressure around probably going to be talking precip…need some Canadian high pressure to swoop in a clear the area out for a few days/weeks. GFS says that happens next weekend…we’ll see.

My garden is sand soil so it works pretty well for heavy rain…the berries seem to like the moisture…the weeds love it.

The lower half of our lot is squishy with constant standing water lately. The spouse, who does the lawns, won’t mow unless it’s dry, but we going to end up with a meadow. Gonna have to put in a trench or something

My problem is that I sited the vegetable garden on the lowest area, thinking of sun, not drainage.