Gardening isn’t shut down, but


With all of the states declaring nonessential business to be closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, I’m assuming that includes a lot of our favorite mail-order companies as well?


I highly doubt it. People are being told to garden and stay out of stores, so…


Its my understanding that we will be allowed to stay open for point of pick up operations and delivery


On the contrary I expect higher demand from online sales - so don’t wait too long to order or things might be sold out.

I work in online sales and am seeing a 50-100% increase in health and grocery consumables sales. On the other hand luxury & electronics items are seeing a 25% decrease, likely due to concerns of recession.

Not sure how it would translate to the garden products as they fall somewhere in the middle, but if storefronts are closed and people are stuck at home during early spring they will likely be increased. Not my area of experience though.


Amazon to Hire 100,000 Warehouse and Delivery Workers Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns


Are you being given any warning about delays in mail or about restrictions in mail?

I asked Burnt Ridge to expedite my order, but now I’m afraid if things get bad very quickly that I may have just committed my order to a long dry wait in a sorting warehouse somewhere…



Our local postman says the post office is still moving but will be delayed for sure. We have not heard of any restrictions i feel everyone thinks this is more person to person spread than thought of before. By the grapevine we were told to keep people in our store to around 10 and and social distancing 6 foot away etc… Most all of our truck drivers are still doing deliveries and i think freight will keep moving but be even more delayed than it was. Since january there has been more delays in freighting across the country by atleast a day or 2 and i have not been able to get parts for orders from China since chinese new years. Which is nice as i try to sell more made in Mexico and germany things (some usa stuff but not much is actually made here thanks to nafta and now nafta2) however we will most likely see clampdowns everywhere and this week have been scrambling to make sure stuff from germany comes in.

Everyone who thought this wasnt a issue i just really did not see where they were coming from.


Thank you for the prompt reply…

What is your nursery… I might need something else…



No nursery, I wholesale agricultural supplies and we are good friends with all of our down chains and supply lines.


I just ordered some drip irrigation supplies from Drip Works. They’re in California…so I’ll see what happens.


I’m more concerned my locally-owned nurseries. They deliver bark dust but not plants or seeds. They are middlemen caught in the virus bans. All events at my two nurseries are cancelled.


Sadly except my apartments where HUD told us to tear out our gardens. Luckily my state representative is now on them. I’ll be happily posting here if she is successful to stop the ban.


This is so sad. I love this time of the year since I normally go to all the nurseries to browse and imagine what I can plant. They will no longer be open for at least 2 weeks from what I understand in Pennsylvania.


Reminds me of Ma Bell’s monopoly.


I’m the same way…

I know all my local nurseries grow pretty predictable annuals and perennials but I go wander still. Within about an hour and 15 minutes there are a few truly exceptional nurseries, these are more of a day trip than a spur of the moment thing…

Keep an eye out for clematis hirsutissima Scottii for me please. I figure if I get a few people looking perhaps I’ll find one…



Do you know what is slowing down the mail. Is it because of less workers, and cleaning more often? Fedex seems to be running at normal speed. I got a shipment delivered by them Monday. Yet the tracking was strange it’s like it took more then 24 hours to get from one post office to the next, close post offices.


Here the mail is getting slammed like all retail. No one wants to come to work if they feel kind of sick and no one can get tested and it takes forever to go to the doctor right now of course. To top it all off insanely busy days and for the usps has insane amounts of mail plus it subsidizes amazon deliveries.

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I’m up late can’t sleep the wife is going to the front lines for 12 hours tomorrow. Wakes up at 4:30 AM, crazy! 12 hour shift too. I make dinner when she works. I always include something from the garden. Even in winter.