Garlic looks bad

My Western Rose Softneck looks unhealthy. Is this normal? Doesn’t appear to be the bottom-up dieback you would expect before harvest, because as you can see below, they’re not really ready.
image image image image

Music looks better, but not nearly as good as it did two weeks ago, and hasn’t even sent out scapes yet, so I’m guessing it’s not anywhere near ready yet, either.image


try watering them with a compost tea. if you have it, throw in some blood meal. brew it for 48 hrs. with a airstone. might not get real big cloves but at least you will get something. same happened to me last year so last fall i dug in a bunch of finished compost and bone and blood meal. planted, then mulched with 3in. of partially composted chic manure. they’re growing much better this year.

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