Garlic Mustard Pesto

Garlic Mustard is a biological terrorist and very tasty. So I turned some into pesto

You need 3 basic ingredients, garlic mustard, oil and anchovies

Grab as much garlic mustard as you can find. I only used the leaves in my pesto but I read the roots taste like horseradish

Strip the leaves rinse and chop. Chop thill you have 2 quarts firmly packed. Blend and add enough oil till it looks like this. Olive oil is traditional but I hate everything tasting like Olive Oil, I use sunflower oil for this batch. Rice Brand oil is also a good choice.

add two cans of anchovies including the oil. Blend until well homogenized

Store in fridge for 24 hours then make freezer cubes


Haha. With those other ingredients, I doubt anyone could taste the olive oil. :blush:

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Great recipe :grinning:

Avocado oil is available nowadays at Costco …

Saturdays harvest. Maybe twice as much as the first batch.

Chopped for freezing until I can pick up more anchovies