Garlic not sprouting - should I plant more or be patient?

I typically plant garlic in early October, and usually they sprout and survive through the winter, here in GA. This year I waited until a month later. to plant them. Some have sprouted. The majority have not. Is this normal? Will they sprout in spring? Or should I plant more?


99.9999% chance they will grow in the spring and be just fine. I usually try to time my garlic planting so they won’t sprout until spring, but they usually don’t mind if they do sprout in the fall. Right now, they are busy growing roots underground.


So they are active underground. Just not up top. Cool I didn’t know that. Thank you!



Dig one up and find out then bury it again. We do that on everything.


We don’t plant in October here in New York State in part because we don’t want them to sprout.

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I planted mine in October and for the first time in my memory they have sprouted.