General container size recommendations

Good morning. I have several seedlings from last year that I am over wintering and plan to pot up soon. I am trying to find recommendations regarding plant/seedling size vs container size/volume. Is there a general guideline?

For instance, if I have an 8" seedling jujube should that go to a quart container? 1 gallon? Larger?

If I have goji seedlings that are 12" should they go to a quart container? 1 gallon? Larger?

The seedlings I have will either be planted out or sold at the end of the 2019 season. I realize I am trying to deal in generalities when doing so may not be possible but as I have several different kinds of seedlings I was hoping there might be some good guidelines to follow without going crazy with many different container sizes.



Unless you want to repeat the process about half way through the growing season, go with a gallon. (And if the jujube reaches 3 or 4 feet tall, probably a gallon is too small.)
Presumably you will sell or plant them at end of 2019…otherwise, still larger pots will be required.

I can raise a pretty big fig in a 4x4x9 inch tree pot. If you get the mix right and water often enough it’s amazing the size they’ll get. But for shipping purposes I hold height of pot plus top to 24 inches. To hold them to that size requires frequent pruning even with once a day watering.

The other species might be different or require a different mix.

Thanks for the replies. Sounds like 1g is likely the next step (doing the math on the 4x4x9 tree pots they look to be in the neighborhood of 0.75g).

I was already leaning that way but from a cost perspective just wanted to make sure I put my money in the most logical place.


If you are going to sell online think about shipping cost. One gallon costs more to ship than the 4 inch tree pot. Bigger container means a bigger box means more cost. I get many times more selling online than I could locally.

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