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Somerset, KY 42502 (Just don’t expect to catch up with me without an appointment, as I serve customers in four states.) I also have experience growing things from Sebring Florida to Rock Hill South Carolina to Asheville and Knoxville and Lexington Kentucky. From Mars Hill to Louisa to Winchester to Elizabethtown and Murfreesboro.


Neat! Somerset isn’t all that far from me and has pretty similar weather patterns. Sounds like we’ve lived/gardened in several of the same places. I’ve lived in Lexington, KY, Knoxville, Tn too. Anyway, its always nice meeting someone in a similar geographic area. There aren’t many of us around here. I guess the next closest one to you and the closest to me is @zazlev who is in the Clarksville area.

Take care. And though you have been on this site for a few months, please allow me to offer a belated welcome!


No, I guess not. Friday I was in Albany not that far from Dale Hollow Lake. I have a brother in Gallatin.
Maybe sometime I find time, with 82 fruit trees you probably would have a sample or two.?
I’m collecting quite a few red fleshed apples. Maybe when I retire I’ll try my hand at trying to create some better tasting ones. Education plus making connections…why I joined the group…always learning; too many people get out of school as a youngster and basically die…even though they may walk around for another 60 years. Thanks for taking the time to say ‘welcome’.


My hometown is actually Cookeville, TN so Im familiar with the Dale Hollow area for sure. I actually have about 125 fruit trees now. But if it gets as cold as predicted tonight, I probably won’t have a sample off most of my trees since the majority of mine are stone fruit and are in a delicate stage right now. But you’re welcome to stop by and take a look if you’re in the area this summer. Good luck with those red apples. There are a few whole threads on red fleshed apples if you are interested. Just use the search tool on this site and enter red fleshed apples.


Somewhere I’ve seen some posts…but if there is a thread on the red fleshed, be happy to take a look see.
I have 5 cultivars presently, but will have 13 more if all my grafts take this spring.

I have been known to make a trip to Smithville or McMinnville for nursery plants…so I know where Cookeville is. Also home of the candy factory.


It’s lonely on the W MI shoreline… :slight_smile:


Please add me I’m in Minnesota 56534




Please add me Fairfax, VA 22031


Done. Welcome to the site.


For the second time I’ll asked to be added, Tylertown, MS 39667

Thank you.


Sorry. I must have overlooked your post. You are on the map now.


Hi Speedster, im in NY, Bohemia, 11716👋🏻







could you change mine to 4 nelson ave. 04745? can’t seem to change it.




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Looks like I’m the first one in Southern Oregon. Thanks for putting this together! Can you add me at 97503?


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