Get your plants more water in the winter!

This has been a difficult year with 10” of yearly rainfall and the year is nearly over. Would love to say I’ve been through this before but truthfully I haven’t this is uncharted ground for me. This winter we may get some snow so I wanted to remind those of you in my position keep your plants in rows and the grass short so that when it snows and drifts the snow will wind up caught in your rows. Melt water really helps! If you add new trees plant them at the bottom of a large hill so all the water runs down the hill where your trees are which saves you a lot on watering and in later years those will be heavy producing trees.

Did you get any of that last line of storms?

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if the hurricane remnants head your way you will be set.

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We are at the other end of extreme. Just this past weekend we got 3 inches of rain. Monday forecast promises another 1.5 inches.dont remember the last time I used the garden hose. All my trees seem to be actively growing still. I hope that’s fine. Hopefully they know cold weather is only weeks away.