Getting ahead of Sally


How do you prepare your fruit trees for potential weather related problems?

-Just picked the ripest looking/biggest fruit.
-Checked tree supports for potential issues.
-Picked the larger Gold Rush/Harrow Sweet and some that appeared to be subject high wind breaking.
Gold Rush

Harrow Sweet


Good luck, Bill. I hope it works out for you best as can be!


Thanks Mark. Although we will get high winds from the hurricane they should be slowed down some by the time they reach us. The biggest threat in my opinion is flooding and a tornado popping up.


@Auburn, any apples that make it through the storm will have some nice weather. They are forecasting lows in the low 50s this weekend here. Maybe even a little cooler at your location farther north. Much better than sept 2019 which had temps pushing 100F all month and no rain.


The Yates were dropping so I picked them. Nice sweet/mild little apple.


Good luck with the storm. I hope you and your family and everyone else stays safe.




Stay inside and take care! You and your trees will be fine!


Wish you, your family and everyone in the area safe. Losing a few trees are ok. Hope lives will be safe


Thanks we should be okay.


Thanks as far inland as we are I think we will be fine.


Finally spoke with the wife, she turned off her phone to conserve battery, no power.

We took a hard hit. Both storage units badly damaged in back yard, one is missing including the contents. Wooden Fence is laying on ground. Roof has lots of shingles missing with wood showing and water leaking in. She said many of my trees are on the ground. Thankfully she’s propping them up again and staking with spare bamboo that never got blown away laying next to missing shed.

Damage to my other house is unknown at this time. She can’t get over there yet.

Thankfully, the family is fine and i can grow other trees no matter how hard it hurts. Haven’t heard from a few other Gardners in Pensacola because some towers are not working or at least that what I’m hoping for. We’ll see.


It is good to know that your family is fine. Take care.


I have friends in the Mobile area and their damage is similar to yours. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


I was just looking at the radar and most of the spin/rain is near Atlanta. I’m not sure what my Georgia friends are experiencing.


I’ve got some trees and muscadines missing. My sugar cane jujube is gone but the stake is still there. Bananas cut in half, pears knocked over, lemon tree’s MIA, some fig tree’s MIA. Three muscadine MIA. This sucks. I’m not home, wife finally able to send some pics. Looks like my carrier has our phones throttled back, maybe towers damaged. Several trees she was able to prop back up and stake.

Did i say this sucks?


So sorry!