Getting along with your neighbors

It’s not common practice for farmers to spend money working land they have no legal right to be on. All I’m suggesting is to be open to the notion it’s you who is mistaken and not him. You seem to have already arrived to the conclusion he’s trespassing though you’ve not even discussed it with him. If he has a legal right to be there through an agreement you’re unaware of, it would be your bad luck, not his.


That’s really frustrating to discover on multiple levels, especially if you were planning low chemical usage. Hopefully you can cordially bring an end to the situation. When I’m dealing with things like this, I try to document everything in the case I need it later, especially any communications.

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This is one of those circumstances where good fences make good neighbors. Fence it asap if it is only with one strand of barbed wire. Fence him off. Start with a strand seperating you and him. If it is only 10 posts and 1 wire its enough. That chemical cost him. Then when you see him working out there say have you seen anyone trespassing over here on my land when you were farming? I heard someone was over here the other day. If he says they gave him permission to farm it then I would say only I can give out permission to farm my land , show me the false document which he won’t have. That will be the end of that. He was trying to claim that property by maintenance most likely. Take pictures and call the epa if he says one bad word. This is the situation where you don’t try hard to get a long with your neighbor. He is not your neighbor he is a trespasser. He saw your markers. I wouldn’t care what he said I would remind him if he has a paper to show it to me. Then I would say
" Pennsylvania has many laws that are unique to the state. One that affects the lives of many people is the PA Fence Law. Title 29, Purdon’s Statutes, Section 41 dictates that any structure that divides two owners of adjacent properties must share equal responsibility bearing the cost"

Why Does Pennsylvania Have a Fence Law? | MVSK Law.

Then I would say well accidents happen I could legally charge you for spraying my field and charge you for the labor putting up half the fence, well with materials and damages it really adds up. Since there is a witness that’s pretty open and shut but I think I will just forget all that. Please make sure and don’t trespass over here again its only a mistake once. Make sure you have no trespassing signs everywhere.


You are 100% correct and that is why I intend to open communication lines with him tomorrow.

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Also great advice. Documentation is definitely a helpful consideration.

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I have 12’ locust posts in a pile in my field. I’m really hoping they weren’t touched, because that is a whole other can of worms… Thank you for the link and the advice.

UPDATE -Locust posts are still in the field, purple painted T-post fence is up across the existing field opening, still no call back from the farmer I believe was in the field. I didn’t notice any obvious damage to the butternuts or black raspberries I’ve planted.

I’m going to reach out to the NRCS folks I met with this week and see if they have better information for me.

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