Getting down to the last PF5's

And i will tell you this. These last few i picked this morning have the best flavor of any this year. Gave one to a coworker and he mentioned it tasted like candy. On the way to day school my son mentioned it was too much, he couldn’t eat any more. That was after half the peach done and his arms and face covered in juice. If they aren’t some the best tasting peaches, i just can’t wait until later this year!!

Here is a little peach porn for all of you. Enjoy :wink:


Wife and son just had 1 each tonight after work. The boy ate it down to the pit with hardly any flesh left on it. Took all of 1-2 min. Wife took a tad longer. Asked if she could take some into her work to give to some of the people that told her you can’t grow peaches in Iowa. Lol😆

That gives me some hope here in south central IA! This was my first potential year to get my first peach. I had about 7 red haven survive the late freeze we had. Went out to look a few days ago and an animal picked the tree clean. I am guessing a deer. I still have about 15 contenders that survived the freezes that are still hanging. Hoping to at least get one this year!!