Getting lucky on transplants - 2 for 1

Seems like every tree I’ve transplanted this year I’m getting lucky on and getting not just the tree but sprouts from the old roots! Maybe I’m leaving behind more roots than I think and my luck can actually turn into a skill to grow more fruit. Here’s my latest pawpaw that came up from a root left behind. Ever noticed some trees are like horseradish when you dig out the main root all the others sprout? I have pears and blackberries that sprout from old roots like that. A pawpaw was a real pleasant surprise this time!


That’s called propogation by “division.”

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I transplanted a plum on marianna 2624 poorly had a few noticeable roots that were severed near the surface. I dug up three of those and of those, one sprouted leaves, from a pencil sized root.

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Historically root division works great for me on horseradish and blackberries but not something I see done with most fruit trees. Interested what I did by accident this year. Maybe it’s all about the trees genetics since these are all grown from wild seeds.

I’ve noticed plums and cherries sucker readily from the roots here as well. In those cases they typically sucker even before I sever the root during transplanting. I’m thinking about Carmine Jewell cherries and American plums.