Getting ready to move... or not

We are desperately in search for a new house. The plan was to find and buy a place before mid-November, move some of the young trees and bushes I want to get with me to new place, fix landscaping in the old house, clean it up and sell… But finding a new place doesn’t work well in current market. To make everything even more complicated my husband going away for at least 6 week next Sunday to help his mother to move in with us. So we literally have 3 days left to find something. If nothing happens next three days we have two choices - forget about new house for a year and try next fall(not working well in our changing demographic situation ) or forget about my orchard and continue search for a house in winter. Moving trees in spring is possible, but not really realistic. Usually soil is still frozen when plants start to wake up. And we also need to fix sinking foundation in current house, and for this we need to make a path for the machinery and also move the shed from near the wall and this can only be done if I remove some of the plants( the ones I want to take with me.) And this shed operation probably easier to be done in fall than in winter. So all points me to selecting plants, digging them up as late as possible and STORE them somewhere until the move… Then we can take them with us and plant in new space in spring, or if we stay in old house - just plant them back. I wanna take honeyberry, currants, raspberries, two very young and one 4 years old sour cherry, three dwarf apple trees 3-4 years old, and may be blueberries. It would be nice also get some perennials - sorrel and some flowers.
For the storage I have not too many options. There is an old cellar under my neighbor’s barn, unsafe and small, with water issues and open to the outside (missing door). I can probably store somewhere in the garden mulched, covered with insulation, and last, I can provide the heated thermostat regulated cover after I cut the persimmon that grows inside the gazebo frame and already has heated set up to install in winter.
So here are my questions…
When you dig a somewhat mature tree, it usually comes with soil ball and some larger roots sticking out of it. Will these roots dry out? Should I cut them off?
Can I trim the trees before I dig them up or should I keep them as is and prune in late winter? Or prune when I plant them?
Do I need to provide moister or if they kept inside insulation and tarp cover on the soil, may be mulched, they have enough of it?
Will warm spells during winter be a serious issue inside the cover?
What would be a good temperature to keep them at?
Any specific suggestions you have to share?


For me, any tree is way down in the list of priorities when I was house hunting. As much as I like gardening :slightly_smiling_face:


We recently moved and went through several of your concerns. We are slowly settling into our new home and I’m glad that I don’t have to continue looking for a house now. Finding a new house that meets your needs might be your most difficult task. If your market is like mine, selling your current home should be easy (opinion). I would like to think that you can sell high and you probably will have to buy high and the two sells would be a wash. Just my opinions and I hope everything works out well for you.

I really enjoy my trees but I think they have so much on their plate the tree moving has to be secondary.

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Thanks, the sell is not going to be easy - we have to fix foundation. The house is sinking thanks to wonderful builders that built the foundation on top of the fill - this is what my neighbor shared with me. Also, we buying a bigger place - both sq feet and acres, so there is a price diff. My concern is for the prices - they could drop between us buying a new place and selling the old one, that could be delayed due to the foundation repair. Apparently, there is a line for this service. One place gave me inspection appointment in Jan with service in spring, another coming in 2 weeks for inspection, but who knows when they actually going to do it. Too many uncertain pieces… I feel like I am in pieces as well.