GF-120® NF Naturalyte® Fruit Fly Bait or Home Made Fruit Fly Bait

Does anybody know a source of this in small quantities? All I can find is just one site that sells 13lb bottles for $193. Last year I lost all my currants and gooseberries to currant fruit fly. With exceptionally mild winter this year I am sure they will be back. So I am looking for solution. I probably can cover currants and tie the cover on the trunk, so flies that emerge from soil are not trapped inside the cover. But I do not see it possible for gooseberries, and I think I need to spray. I know Spinosad mixed with Fruit Fly Bait should work as spot application on the branches. But only Fruit Fly Bait I can find is the one above. If this one is not sold in smaller quantities, is there a way to do your own bait and mix with spinosad? Anybody have a recipe?

Check out this link. Also you could use floating row covers to cover plants.

Yes, I am planing to use covers on currants, but to do it on gooseberries is almost impossible. If I try to cover bush without frame, the cover will stick on the very spiky brunches an I will not be able to tie the bottom around trunk without loosing some blood. And if I use the frame then whatever pests are already in the ground - they will hutch under the cover, to make it useless. I was thinking about using apple or raspberry vinegar, but whatever source I could find says “protein bait” and I am not sure what it is.

I don’t know for sure but I think the protein may be covered by the yeast- which is, indeed, protein.