GI 1183 jujube

I lost the tag on this tree but I’m pretty sure this is GI-1183. It’s a very heavy producer but fruit quality is poor. I’m just wondering if anyone else grows it and if so, what is the fruit like for you? Because there are sometimes significant differences in fruit quality from one location to another, I’m hoping the fruit on this tree has better quality somewhere else.


MrTexasCitrus In the Houston area posted years ago it had a mediocre taste. I’ve never tried it, I had my doubts about the anything from the Chico program until I tried Chico


Mine is certainly mediocre.

That’s disappointing to hear. I think I’ve got a graft of it from a few years ago, but it hasn’t produced yet.

Roger Meyer described it as “Excellent fruit of medium to large size. Late harvest.”

It’s definitely late harvest and I would have gotten mine from Roger. I wonder if it was really different for him.