Giant Fuyu. Slow to wake up

Is it common for persimmon grafts to be slow to emerge? Grafted 20200308. In comparison I have pears that have already grown 2-3’. Guess I should just be happy that it is growing.


Yes. Several years back, one of my potted Tam Kam that I grafted in May and it finally push grow in August of that year.



Looks beautiful. I find grafting persimmons difficult, but last year I made 3 grafts and they all took. I wish I knew why. Maybe a statistical anomaly.

I do find that some of my grafts start off slow and some come out like gangbusters, but usually if they survive and are well lit, they eventually thrive, even when it isn’t until the second year.

Usually the earlier they leaf out the more they grow that first season, as one would expect.



I’m in zone 7a (TN). My giant fuyu started leafing out in early April… even started little flower buds. Then a mid-April frost burned everything back. Fortunately, nothing started re-growing until after the early May frost. Now it’s slowly leafing out, but I don’t expect any flowering. Your leaves look a little ahead of mine now.

Mine is a grafted plant in its second growing season. I haven’t grown this before, so I don’t know really what to expect or if this is typical for giant fuyu.

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