Giant turnbul pear

Does any one know about the giant turnbul pear. Henry fields nursery carried it about 28 years ago. Is it a good pear. How does it compare to other crisp type pears.

I have a Turnbull pear from Hidden Springs nursery but it is only 2 yrs old so no experience with the fruit. Here’s a previous post about it. Maybe some of these folks and others can chime in with additional experience.

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I grew Turnbull several years ago but I don’t have it now. The tree appeared to be disease resistant. The fruit was large with a taste that I haven’t seen in any other variety and I just can’t properly describe it. If your looking for a different pear taste this could be it. After I get settled in at my new location I think I would like to add a graft of it because it was disease resistant and had a different taste from the others.


I was looking forward to trying it, but the squirrels were brutal this past summer and fall. I had none left to try for myself😩

I have a turnbul pear from hidden springs .
Planted in 2017 .
Had a pear this year.
Picked one that fell in my hand when touched.
Texture was …meaty .
Not hard or melt in your mouth.
Just seemed really thick and meaty.
Had a unique flavor. As others have said.
Hard to describe.
Not bad . But not like .oh wow good ,either .
Definitely a different flavor.
Just one pear. Still undecided