Giving up on a new tree?

So, I planted a barefoot dormant Newton Pippin this past May. It budded, the buds began to leaf out, then they immediately all turned brown and fell off. I left the stick in-place, and have trimmed off the occasional sucker from the roots (still living), and now two months later the scion is still green-wooded and seems “live”, but with zero growth or development. The bud-eyes are a bit silvery, and the bark seems smooth and taught, and there’s no sign of anything detrimental, it’s just a stick.

At what point do I pronounce it dead? Is it normal or possible for a new tree like this to just take a year off?


If space is not a problem I would leave it alone this year and plant a backup tree. It might leaf out later.


welcome to your new addiction. :wink: i had a mulberry completely leafed out last spring and a late frost fried all the leaves on it. it didnt start leafing out again until mid july. like Auburn said plant a backup but dont count this one out yet.

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I have a bareroot persimmon that I’m still waiting to leaf. Has not done anything yet, but is still green to the scratch test. As long as it still scratches green I will leave it, despite the irritation.

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Bare root trees are generally more challenging. I have potted most of mine this year with the intention of planting out next spring, hoping that my other landscaping /earthwork/deck and wall building projects will be done by then. If you have some buds and green wood, just make sure the tree is watered a couple of times a week and wait it out.

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For a bareroot persimmon tree it’s almost a norm to skip a year. For an apple tree not so much, but stranger things have happened.

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