Going to be a bad year for commercial fruit!

It’s way too warm. I went to prune the damaged fruit and dead branches off my citrangequat, and the mulberry buds were very prominent. Its 64 today, and going to be 68 on Wednesday. We just had a high of 8 last week. All the temperate fruit trees are gonna get hammered by that last February frost that comes in…

I guess it’s time to give up on temperate fruits in the southeast. My pear is pushing new growth…

The Asian persimmon seems to be one of the few that stay dormant during the warmer winters. Subtropicals like feijoa and citrus take damage, but seem to fruit regardless…


Can U tell already?

I am concerned about the amount of CDD (cold degree days) we’ve had and breaking dormancy early (or not having entered dormancy fully due to the weather we’ve had as well.

I should take advantage of the pleasant weather (for January) and do some spraying… but it keeps raining…


This is not an abnormal winter here in Michigan at all

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I don’t know in which state you live, but the vast majority of commercial fruit in the US are produced on the West coast, and it has no lack of chill hours this winter.

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I have not had to scrape my car windows at all except for during that Christmas snowstorm.

@ribs1 what part of the state are you in? I’m 1/2 mile from Lake St Clair, about 10 miles northeast of Detroit.

The coldest temperatures we generally get are within the first couple weeks or January and February. (with a thaw usually happening between them).

I live in Ann Arbor.

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