"GOLD STAR" plum

I imagine only Canadians who are familiar with (Green Barn Nursery) would have even heard of this, so called, proprietary variety. I stopped buying from them many years ago for a variety of reasons. I do however still have this rather vigorous and healthy tree that has yet to produce any fruit, only had a few flowers 2 years ago, and was covered in blossoms this past year, and I though maybe, finally, one or two fruit which, if I’m not mistaken ( may have been an optical illusion with the leaves, you know when things are still green how leaves can look like fruit …i probably was not wearing my glasses…who knows) In any case, i have not seen any fruit so I have no idea , as i mentioned before half joking if this is really just a turnip and not a plum tree at all, let alone a choice proprietary variety, which I have ample reason to doubt based on other experiences with the company. Would anyone by chance have one of these growing ? I should mention that within 40 feet of this tree is every possible pollinator you could want including a Canada Plum ( Prunus Nigra), about 6 or 7 different varieties of hybrid plums, 4 different chums, and an Eastern Sandcherry…

I suspect you have 2 Canada plums. I was warned just in time so I have not purchased any green barn trees. Part of me says someone who has grown fruit in Canada for as many years as Ken has should have knowledge to share that would benefit all of us. But I guess knowledge doesn’t pay like overpriced propriety trees do. I still go back once in a while and drool over the variety descriptions. But hey, your gold star is a great pollinator.

I also suspected…(i think even as I was buying it ) that it might be a glorified wild plum. I dont think its a Prunus Nigra…more likely an Americana because it’s a bit more reddish brown rather than blackish brown on the trunk/srtems.

If the tree blossoms too early for your area then the bee’s may not be available to pollinate it.
You could also look at getting a few mason bee’s. In BC, you can order them by mail from here (Mason Bees – West Coast Seeds). That helps if your area is lacking in early spring bees.

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Thank you Rob, now that I think of it , it is a very early bloomer…I have put up some mason bee houses last year and it looks like they are mostly filled…hoping the extreme cold didn’t get to them this winter.

Yes, I wonder about my Mason Bee’s too. It hit 40 degrees Celcius here last summer.
You might try grafting another plum variety onto some of the branches.