Golden globe and hiromi red plum

Good morning, and happy sunday.
any of you have in your garden golden globe plum? I want to know your opinions on the flavor of this variety.

this variety of zaigers genetics is very common to see it in my local nursery and buy 2 trees in my local nursery that have not been plums.
a few days ago in a mall fruteria saw it was for sale golden globe and hiromi red plum and buy some fruit of both varieties and the result was negative, both varieties were insipid and without any flavor or sugar.

I wonder if these two varieties are so poor taste if you have them in your garden or just comes to commercial fruit that it bears many fucking tree days or simply have cojido before maturing to have a better conservation in the chambers Refrigerating until the product has been on sale

I do not grow them but have tasted them both ripe at a local orchard. I think they are both good to very good and have been looking to add them to my orchard. If there were a tree or scion available to me, I would buy them.

Golden globe is a large to very large with very little tart in the skin or around the stone. It is an offspring of Laroda and shares its taste noticeably. When ripe they sweet and not at all insipid; if you like Laroda, you will like Golden Globe. Although it is a bit milder, the fruit is larger.

Hiromi Red has an unusual taste; again when picked ripe, it is sweet and not insipid. But, because its taste is a bit distinct, preference for it I believe will be more of a matter of opinion than Golden Globe.