Golden Russet - SPUR sport (anyone seen it?)

Tired of dealing with Golden russet tip bearing. Trees are just a pain to manage. I’ve heard that in the 80’s a spur bearing sport was found in Connecticut BUT other than a brief mention I can’t find any info at all on it and no one seems to be growing it. Love this apple for baking and cider. Anyone have experience or info on this?

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@derekamills lists a Golden Russet in his ever-growing inventory as being spur-bearing:

New Jersey - mid 1700’s, Seedling of English Russet. Late, medium, golden bronze with a coppery orange cheek, heavily splotched with light brown russet. Crisp, highly flavored, fine textured, very sugary yellow flesh. Use for cider, dried apples, fresh eating and cooking. Called the champagne of old time cider apples. Revolutionary War soldiers were sometimes paid in cider made from Golden Russet apples. Spur bearing.

He would likely be happy to sell you some scions of it.


My Golden Russet was grafted in 2017 and was a tip bearer last year just one year after grafting.

This year there are lots of spurs and flowers on them. It also has a few flowers on tips.
I believe it to be both spur and tip bearer.