Goldrush Splits

Anybody else having trouble with Goldrush apples splitting?

It has always been a problem for me in a wet season, but its very dry this year and I still have a lot of splits on Goldrush. Because of the dry weather, this is my first year for no splits on Stayman.

All B9 trees with heavy crop load. 5, 6 and 7 years old purchased from three different nurseries.

I like the apple a lot but can’t tolerate the splits


Mines on B9 Tall Spindle. No cracks.

No cracks at all on mine this year, very heavy fruit set, large apples after thinning.

Almost no rain in the past two months, yet still battling the summer rots.

No spray here since early August with the dry weather.

Very little rot on Goldrush, Winesap, Fuji, Pink Lady or Granny but rot was a big problem on Goldens.

Without the splits the Goldrush would have been perfect

The only apple I had to split badly - Lord Lambourne - stood on Bud 9. It was the only apple to come to this property on that rootstock. You might consider trying Goldrush on another, preferably more vigorous stock - GoldRush is not a big tree - & see if that eliminates the splits.

Makes me think I should try Lord Lambourne again on another stock. Apart from splits, it was a wonderful fruit.