Goldrush vs Poma Sanel review after storage

Thanks to @SkillCult.
Tasting Apples in March Out of Storage, GoldRush & Pomo Sanel, Long Keepers - YouTube


I always like his comments about refrigerator flavor. I wonder if mine will taste like beer and old pizza?


He always appears to present an unbiased opinion. Makes me want to add a third Goldrush tree. Now I’m heading to the refrigerator to see if I have any more of these scions to graft.

I like Pink Lady as well as Goldrush but I never see it listed as disease resistant.

I am still pulling Goldrush and Pink Lady out of the fridge stored in bags. Both still are holding up well and taste great, drying them now as Skillcult suggested sounds like a great idea.

Had to buy the Pink Ladies from a local orchard after my PL trees bit the dust from fb.


Did you find any?

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@skillcult should throw some of that biochar into a bowl and into the fridge with his apples. :wink: That could help with the refrigerator taint. Backyard activated carbon… ha! (Though true activated carbon is treated at high temperatures with steam to get to the “activated” part.)

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If I was that organized, I’d probably just clean my fridge lol. I think that is a cool idea. I’m thinking, some kind of convenient container that a person could refill with charcoal every once in a while. Like everytime you clean the fridge, so for me, once a year whether it needs it or not!


That’s bad news. Another late hanging long keeping favorite of mine is Lady Williams, a parent of pink lady. I hope it’s not especially susceptible too.

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Yes I have plenty. Thanks

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I only had a few on my trees and I bought extras in North Ga. This year is looking better for my GR.


I still have Goldrush in my bsmt fridge cooler from October … a little wrinkled but intensely flavorful…
the founder of our orchard club, MidFEx, has a famous quote “Every home orchardist should have at least one Goldrush”

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