My family and I are visiting Washington DC and came upon a farmers market in the city. A orchard was selling their apples which by the looks of them had seen better days. I bought some Pink Lady, Winecrisp, Winesap and Goldrush. They all were pretty soft and tasted the same kind of sweetly and soft except Goldrush still crunchy and the surprising part was how tart it still was. I wish I had bought a whole bag!


I had some around Christmas time while at my in-laws in North Carolina I was made a believer in GR then!

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was it Quaker Valley?

I don’t remember, but they did have that Apple also.

That could be them because I remember seeing Pennsylvania and wondering how far they traveled.

that was November last year. I’m sure the apples where a lot fresher then.

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I finished my Goldrush last week. Still great in April.

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How do you store your apples

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I took the last of my GR out of a large storage refrigerator in my basement I bought to manage all the peaches and nectarines I need to distribute on a good year- last year I didn’t need it for those. I have kept GR in the much less reliable cold of a root cellar into spring as well. It and Fuji are the best of storage apples of any I’ve tried by far. GR is a much more useful apple to me- I need acid with that sugar.

The fridge is auto-defrost, so I keep the apples loosely wrapped in grocery store plastic bags. Because the fridge is in the cool basement (fridge doesn’t defrost as much in cool) that is enough to keep apples hydrated.


I wonder if my refrigerator is too cold or ime not keeping enough moisture in it. My goldrush lost their texture back in January, and now they are just a shriveled up mess. I just keep them in the veggie drawers in a fridge I have in my garage. I keep it as cold as it will go, to keep beer very cold. Mabye it’s too cold?. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong. Thanks

They probably need more humidity. Were they loose or in plastic bags? I keep mine in plastic grocery bags with just small ventilation. Alan says loosely wrapped. It’s very dry here and if not protected some varieties just shrivel up like you describe.

They were just loose. Can you have the fridge too cold, or is my problem most likely moisture. I really only kept a little beer and soda in it full time, and fruit as it comes in during the year. So in the later fall and winter just apples and beverage cans. What do you think?

Goldrush doesn’t have skin that locks in moisture and it shrivels easily. If too much moisture goes it has to lose texture so that’s your best bet. Auto-defrost will destroy most any apple over time, that is why some people convert cheap freezers into apple storage by getting an independent thermostatic shut off from a beer brewery supply house. The cheapest refrigerators, I believe, are still not equipped with Auto. D. but those are the really small ones.

It’s a humidity issue not too cold.

Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it. On a different note it’s gona be a long summer for me as my honey series nectarines have little to no fruit, due to freeze during bloom. The few I have I will savor. Fruitnut ille be very jealous of you this year. Thanks again for the help

Just FWIW I store apples in tightly sealed, unvented poly bread bags right about at the freezing point and even Macs and Liberties keep well into February or even March, albeit with some deterioration


Thank you sir

Hello everyone. I am growing Goldrush in my northern zone 4b and I really like that apple, although it taste more like a Granny Smith to me (acidic) since it can’t ripen properly (short season). I’m considering planting another one against my south facing brick wall. Maybe the heat from the wall will help the fruits to ripen? What do you think?

This is my first winter storing apples. I put mine in large freezer zip lock bags in the crisper of my basement fridge. This year I stored Goldrush and Fuji. They are both still good. My daughter and wife prefer the Fuji and my son and I prefer the Goldrush.

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I am in zone 6 a. Last fall, I let my GR hung on the tree until temp dropped to around 25 F. I picked them then. I think people say we could let it hang on until it is 21 F.

I’ve stored them in a frige and eaten them once in a while including a couple of them last week. The apples were not fully ripe judging from the color of the seeds. They tasted very good, sweeter but the texture was not as crisp as when they were first picked. I was told that apples stored better/longer when picked not fully ripe.

However, I don’t know how much the south wall would help your tree considering you are two zones lower.

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