Good apple photos online for IDing?

When I have an unknown apple I’m trying to identify [such as my recent post: Fall apple ID help ] I search the internet to try to find a photo of an apple that looks similar. I realize IDing by photo is a long shot but it does help give me a place to start. But finding a good site with accessible photos (altogether on a page, not individually on separate pages) of more than just the common dozen or so is almost as challenging. Does anyone have some good sites you go to for photos?

A couple I’ve found:
Apple variety identification database listing. - good multiview set per variety, small versions on one page, click on for larger view and more information. - single clear photos, can refine search by tart/sweet scale and color. 120 varieties listed. No descriptions.



Did you try the applename variety finder tool? I didn’t have much luck the few times I tried but it could be worth a try if you didn’t.

Brogdale and ARS GRIN are good sources of pictures. At one point I downloaded a pile of Brogdale pictures so I could see them all together on my computer.

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Scott, I didn’t have any success with the Finder tool either. I just found their one page photo list recently (by clicking on Variety tab) and that was more useful, if a little hard to see. Thanks for the other links, i’ll check them out.


Climate can affect appearance. You are in Zone 3.

I am straddling Zones 6 and 7. For my locale, I consider Boyer Nursery’s old website the best source of apple photos. Whenever I encounter apples grown in this region, they always look just like the photos on Boyer’s website. The website is out-of-date, and they have no plans of updating it. But the images there are spot on.

Not sure if apples grown in your locale will look like these (some of these apples cannot be grown in your colder zone).

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Be a good thing if there were a downloadable database of descriptions and photos that were free for public use.