Good fruit, veg, herbs for large pots

I have some vacant spots in full sun. Currently blueberries and citrus here (The latter struggles with the winter cold, but hardy varieties can pull through). Helps if they don’t look too ugly. Pots 50cm wide X 40cm deep.
Any suggestions?

Try some of the more disease resistant apples, maybe. Fuji, Arkansas Black, King David, perhaps. And figs and jujubes I would think.

How about some rosemary, hyssop or sage? They all like full sun and are very useful in the kitchen. Maybe a tri-color variety of sage? Like this one:

Apples sound interesting, although I’m sure they would need to be sprayed in my area, even if they are in pots. I’m wondering how many apples you could actually get off of a tree in a pot?
The local garden centers also have Pears, cherries and plums. All of these grow very well in this area, although they need heavy spraying. Pears and apples would normally require bagging, which will look a little silly. Not sure how these types of fruit trees would do in pots.
Making a mixed herb pot would be interesting if I could track down oregano.

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Probably 5 or 10 pounds of apples at least from potted trees, if they are healthy.

15-30 apples? That’s quite a bit.

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