Good news and bad new about grafting

This year, I did not do much grafting, but last year I grafted sweet cheery starkrimson onto carmine jewel. The branch looks very health and set some fruits this year.
here is the picture:

I also grafted some apricots and plums( both European and Japanese plum) onto red leave plum. The result is surprisingly good, almost all take. Here is the picture of some set fruits already this year.

This red leave plum plant now have 7-8 green branches ( plum, apricot, pluot etc.):slight_smile:

A Japanese plum grafted onto a seeding peach which was growing very nicely last year, and was growing fine this early spring. Recently whole grafted portion withered and turn brown. I dont know why, it happened quite sudden.:sob:


Sounds a little like a delayed compatibility issue, I tried some grafts on a couple of rootstocks this year that may suffer the same fate.

I think you are right. And I think that is the cause too. however, isn’t peach and J. plum supposed compatible?