Good source for Fig plants?

I see there are tons of places to buy fig plants. Which are the best of the bunch? I have really enjoyed the quality from grow organic, and I have gotten smaller plants from logees. I am also trying planting justice this season. I recently found Almost Eden Plants, they seem to have a good collection and good reviews.


I sell on There are roughly 1000 cutting offers and 200 plants there now. Prices are pretty good at this point. It’s too early for most people to buy plants and getting late in cuttings season.

In addition, I think you’ll find a high chance of things being true to type. Ebay is full of scammers selling low dollar figs as high end stuff.

FigBid - Online Auctions of Fig Trees, Fig Cuttings & Growing Supplies

5 Likes is a jungle. You can see a lot good seller like Steve. But there are also some not so good sellers. Prices can also be hyped. You need to be careful about the seller(s). If you are in the fig community for long, you’ll know who is who. Only buy from eBay if you know the seller. eBay is a worse place. But some sellers do not use FigBid and sell at eBay only. I know Herman in NJ does that.

There are also quite some fruit nurseries and some specialize on figs. The ones I know are:

NJ Fig Farm (last week for fig cuttings)
Off the Beaten Path Nursery (PA. cutting season could be over)
Tree of Joy (PA)
Figaholics (Harvey in California. Not sure if cutting season is over or not)

There are a lot more.


Yes those are my main two problems with figbid. I have purchased quite a few cuttings from figbid, but at this point if I can find a plant at a nursery, I would prefer that.

I’ve purchased from WillC (Google him). His sale begins in March I think.

Do you know what you’re looking for?


Not sure, but wow he has an extensive collection.

All the above places I mentioned sell fig cuttings from $4 to $20 a piece. So the “rare” varieties will be sold out in minutes. So that leaves the common varieties from $4 to $10. Some may even have bundled package for much lower prices.

But if you look for the “rare” varieties, is the place. The record may be like $2,550 for a stick in 7 gallon pot.

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How much does he charge for plants? Looks like it does start in March.

For cheap plugs at $6 for common varieties Fruitwood nursery isnt bad though stock is low now. The 4 I bought were 4-12 inches for a main branch. I will need to take photos of what they look like now.,1-150

I have not ordered figs from here but the other trees and plants last spring were in good condition and good size.


Yes I tried them out last year and the product is great for the price. I actually have an order of plugs and cuttings shipping right now. I unfortunately missed a lot of the varieties this year. I got osborne prolific, verte, normans yellow, atreano, black jack, negronne, and ventura strawberry. I am getting a few more varieties from planting justice to try them out.

Harvey’s in California and the sale ended around 2 days ago.

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A good source for super-healthy specimens of some common (and a few not-so-common) fig cultivars is Peaceful Heritage Nursery.. Proprietor @Blake is a member here. We’ve bought a number of figs (and other plants) from him over the past few years, and I’ve got “Smith” and “Sicilian Hardy” on pre-order for this spring. He also sells green cuttings during the growing season.

Hi. for five years. My 6 fig trees. Produce about 50. Or more fruit. But only a few ripen. I guess I have a shortage of Wasps in my area.?? However. I am ready to graft. Some easier. Pollinated. Figs. Onto these wonderful trees. What is the best tasting fig? That you could sell me. Some cuttings of. Please please.

Failure to ripen isn’t from a lack of wasps. Nearly always that’s due to winter freeze back, a short growing season, and/or lack of heat say in PNW.

I’m not the best person to ask about short season figs. My season is nearly all yr long and 80-90F highs for 10-11 months. So I grow mostly the best long season varieties.

Where are you located?


I am in zone 8b fl. panhandle

80 90s for 8 or 9 months

My best recommendation for that area would be Smith. You could find Smith cuttings for grafting on figbid right now at reasonable prices. And this is the right time to graft over big in ground trees. Graft them down low and cut out all the rootstock shoots for at least the first year.

Smith is my earliest ripening fig that I consider top tier. And it’s widely recognized as good in the humid SE.


How is that fig suppose to look? I have seen green outside and red inside, but I have also seen some darker on the outside.

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thanks I did not get my last order I bought , so since i am new and unsure of quality from unknow sources do you have any or can you recommend someone?

Smith fruit is grey with some darker tones. The exterior color can vary some.

Here are some Smith cuttings from FL that should be good for grafting.

FigBid - Online Auctions of Fig Trees, Fig Cuttings & Growing Supplies - Smith 2 each cuttings

I don’t have any Smith cuttings, just plants.