Google Science Fair Winner: Fighting Drought with Fruit

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Fighting Drought with Fruit


All we need are orange peels and avocado skins? When are we reproducing her experiment? :smile:

It may hold water but would nitrogen be pulled out of the soil as the peels decompose? I don’t know the C-N ratio in peels but suspect it leans on the C.

The way I hold water for trees in my nursery is to line the holes with very thin plastic sheeting before planting the trees. The initial intention was to keep the roots closer to the surface to make digging easier and allow saving more root when transplanting bare root. I was worried the plastic would make things soggy, but in my soil it seems to improve tree growth by creating a kind of reservoir above the plastic without affecting over-all aeration.

Still, not an environmentally friendly method, I admit.

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