Gooseberry and current that can take the Texas heat

I was wanting to grow gooseberries and currents but the information on them indicates that cannot take a Texas summer (three months over 90). Has anyone had luck grow them in my conditions? If so what variety were they?

I’m looking forward to hearing responses. I’m also z7 and was wondering if I could grow some in part shade but hesitant if they would be very productive in this zone.

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I grew gooseberries in Amarillo in full sun for several yrs. They did fine. The fruit was tart to very tart. Maybe I picked too early.

I don’t remember the varieties except one was Hinnomaki Red or Yellow.


If those grew, looks like you could grow any of them! They do tend to be tart, but the longer you let them hang the sweeter they get.

I tried growing gooseberries in pots a few years ago, and they didn’t do well at all. I planted four more in the ground last year, and they did fine. I planted them in an area that gets mostly shade, and they survived our heat and drought last year. All four are leafing out now with no apparent die back.

I have Poorman, Invicta, Hinnomaki Red, and Black Velvet. They only one I’ve eaten is Invicta, and it was very good. I don’t recall any tartness at all.

Edited to add that this is in z7 Tennessee.

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I have had no trouble growing currant and gooseberry plants in the dry plains. They have suffered no mildew problems or other plant health problems. However the red and black currants never produced more than a few berries and after years of trying, I replaced them with clove currants. They still don’t produce like they would in a better area but produce enough to put up with. I have Achilles,amish, poormans,and Jeanne.gooseberries and they have done ok with the heat. I think hot and humid might bring more problems.

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Thanks for the information. I think I have a new plant to try for next year

Poorman is fantastic for fresh eating. Black Velvet I found too tart fresh but made awesome Jam/Compot. Experience in zone 4 though.

I live in Richmond, VA in 7b. When I tried currants and gooseberries the issue was mildew, which battered the currants badly. Only the blacks survived. Gooseberries had less issue.

This was in containers, so I put them in the ground this year. But I think the issue is going to be mildew/humidity and not heat.

I have jostaberry in the ground with just morning sun. It does well with a lot of watering. It can look a bit ratty in our bad heat in July and August, but I still get berries.

I’ve got cuttings if anyone wants (it’s blight resistant). It’s really easy to root.

We stay over 90 a whole lot, too, and usually see above 100 each year. You’re probably hotter, but maybe not by many days.

I’d recommend full shade to morning sun. Even in the central midwest, mine seem to prefer afternoon shade… They also like rich, organic soil a bit on the acidic side and plenty of moisture. Red and white currants seem to need more shade than blacks for me and are more tart. Gooseberries can be quite sweet with little acidity if you let them hang - pick sooner if you want to make pie!

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