Gooseberry bush problem

I transplanted 2-3 years old gooseberry bush self-grown from seed last fall from my old place to a new. New location has mostly afternoon sun. In the beginning of the season we had couple hot weeks and the bush started to turn small leaves yellow - I thought it is because of the heat stress.Now it is already about a month of a very cool weather, but leaves on some branches continue to turn yellowish with brown-red margins. It doesn’t look like any gooseberry diseases I know. Any ideas?

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i don’t know a huge array of foliar deficiencies and diseases by sight (not by a long shot) but it looks to me like run of the mlll chlorosis


Looks like anthracnose. I got it on my red currants when transplanting the first year, did some spraying, and they seemed to get past it the next year.

Also if the old location was shady, and the new location is full sun, it could also be sunscald. I also had to deal with that as well. They’ll look bad this year but should adapt and be ok the next.