Got 2 large pine trees taken down: How to amend soil?

I took down 2 large pine trees (100 feet each, massive root balls) taken down as they were becoming hazardous.

The stumps were ground and now there is now a LOT of organic matter in the existing area, probably too much.

How best should I amend this to make it an ideal soil for growing fruit trees? Should I amend with sand, sandy loam or not bother amending at all? The native soil is clay. But that is atleast 9-12" below rich dark soil.

It depends on what you want to grow. The soil should be about perfect for blueberries. Otherwise you might want to try getting a soil test. God bless.


I want to grow figs, persimmon and a couple of dwarf apples.
I agree it would be perfect for blueberries. I already have 10 bushes in that location and they are prolific.

Check the pH you might need lime if not doing acid loving plants like a blueberry.

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Thanks @GeorgiaGent, @coolmantoole
I am mainly concerned about soil composition. I can always add lime,fertilizer,compost later. I was wondering if a 80+% organic soil might be a bad thing and should be amended with loam, sand etc.

Sounds pretty ideal. Deep topsoil with lots organic matter. Blueberries, especially. Apples and pears sounds good. A pH test might be useful, as the soil might be acidic. BB

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Yes, for most species all the organic matter is good. All that organic material is going to oxidize away really fast anyway. Take advantage while it’s there. God bless.