Got artichokes?

Plenty of extras there to send to those in need (aka me) :smile:

Of my two artichokes I planted last spring one made it through the winter to sprout. We’ll see if I get any chokes this year.

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Those look excellent Richard.
It has been a nice year for artichokes in Vallejo, CA.
They started growing a bit earlier than normal last fall.
The side benefit is that they attract so many aphids that my fruit trees don’t get bothered at all.


Wow I can’t believe you guys already have artichokes! I wont be getting that many this year most of mine died because I didn’t mulch them for the winter. The past few winters have been so warm I thought I could get away with not mulching and you know what happened.
I am kind of confused about people not having a long enough growing season for them? I only get around 145-160 frost free days in a growing season and have no problem getting them to bud. However they will usually start growing in March and the last frost is typically early-mid May so maybe that makes the growing season relatively longer?
Last my plants and buds seem a little smaller but that is fine I think the buds taste the best when they are small, almost like some sort of vegetarian crab or lobster dipped in butter.

For all those who enjoy them steamed - eat your artichoke hearts out!

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I’d grow them myself, if they didn’t require soo much darn room :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine take a 3’ x 3’ area.

And 5’ tall!
Between bananas, palms, pomegranate, “others” sadly 3’X3’ is space I don’t have.

You can’t eat palms :wink:

But seriously, I can understand how difficult it can be to find an appropriate place with morning light and all afternoon shade.

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Yeah that’s the other issue. This part of the Bay Area inland 100f days are quite common, and we tend to melt a lot of leafy plants pretty quick including my banana’s after a string of scorching days.

I may try them later this year on the (under utilized) side of the house :slight_smile:

Last of this year’s spring crop :slightly_smiling:

I primarily use the hearts in a nice artichoke dip, which is amazing! It looks like these have all ripened up nicely in my neighbourhood too.

I expect if one were to visit the downtown farmer’s market / street festival next Thursday in San Luis Obispo, you’d find 6" diameter artichokes for sale. And if you do go, don’t miss the line for tri-tip from F. McClintock’s.

Well, I’ve got my 3 Jerusalem Star and my 3 Violetto artichokes now planted on my backyard hillside. All transplanted well. They get lots of morning sun, and afternoon shade, so they should be immensely happy there, and have room to spread out. Hoping for a nice crop next year. Glad to have them back in my garden, my yard really looks “Tuscan” now, with the pomegranates, figs, olive trees and artichokes. My grandmother would be very pleased :slight_smile: :it:

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So how do you deal with the Aphids? I’ve grown Artichokes over the years and always find the fruit (flowers) are overrun with Aphids. they get down inside the choke petals right around the heart. Don’t love to spray down there as it seems like the spray will just stay at the bottom of the petals. Anyone having this problem?

You can safely control aphids with Green Light Fruit Tree Spray. The Green Light manufacturing company was recently purchased by Scotts Miracle Gro Company and so the product now also sells as Ortho Tree and Shrub Fruit Tree Spray. The active ingredients are 0.25% Pyrethrins, 2.5% Piperonyl Butoxide, 70% Neem Oil. The pyrethrin is the toxin, the PB causes their metabolism to increase and consume the toxin faster (it’s also toxic to weaker aphids), and the Neem Oil decreases their mobility so they can’t escape the concoction. If you spray in the late afternoon then most of it will have broken down by the time the bees return in the early a.m. Note #1: bees avoid the scent of Neem Oil. Note #2: so do teenagers ;).

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Wow, I’ve never had an issue with aphids and my artichokes. But, I am going to buy some Green Light or Ortho spray, just in case. Would certainly be good for any aphid issue. Letsski, where are you in the country? Bugs tends to be regionalized. Richard, any issues with aphids on your artichokes? If so, I’ll take more care in monitoring mine, especially next year when they bloom.

Patty S.

ps - yes, Neem stinks

Yes. Controls minor insect pests. Locally I believe Green Thumb Nursery carries it.

Not really, but they do go after some of the other plants in my garden. And since aphids are born pregnant, I’m a pre-emptive kind of guy. If I see them colonizing on one plant then everything gets sprayed.

Patty - I’m in the SF Bay Area - 11 miles inland from Half Moon Bay - a great Artichoke growing area.

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Which town is that? BTW, every time I google Arctic Star Nectarine, your thread on GW pops up first! :wink: