Got in my swap with UGA

Great thanks to the UGA Botanical Gardens Heritage Curator. Gareth sent me a handful of scions with 4 new to my Georgia Origin Apple collection.

Earlier I sent her some scion types missing from UGA Botanical Garden’s collection. She also sent 4 extra sticks of Shockley .

But Mrs.Bryan, Old Fashion Limbertwig , Rabin Bald and Spice of North Georgia are now included on my G.214 rooted mother tree collection.


Shockley, Disharoon , Parks Pippin , Tarbutton , Terry Winter , Tanyard Seedling , Wallace Howard , Blairmont , Magnolia Gold , Yates , Hackworth , King Soloman , Red Detroit and Cranberry of Georgia.

Now need:

Black Limbertwig , Bart , Candy Stripe , Catawba , Clark , Coffee Seedling of Rabun County {Not Coffey Seedling/Dula Beauty} , Cooper’s Market / Etowah , Forward Sour , Golden Harvest , Jim Kell / Fort’s Prize , Kennedy , Kimrome , Rabun{not Rabun Bald} , San Jacinto , Shockley-Cantrell , Shockley-Grizzle , Striped Sweeting and Summer Row .

Also got confirmation that I was still in U of F’s USDA’s proposed project on chill hour testing.