GPS for forging Fruits in the woods pawpaw, simmon dwarf conifer

EDIT LATE – ANYONE KNOW is Using OLD GPS On EBAY IS BAD (if works good)

I hope if no body knows on here of a good GPS, and best ways to use
They might Know a good geo coaching forum so I can learn to use these GPS’s better

Any one good with this technology I prefer the old flip phones, but still I think in the woods it’s better to have something good.

I had a $200 buck modal (robbed in Chicago )
My stupidity wandering to a home maybe with a strange woman not good with no sleep)
and I bought a Very expensive modal I didn’t like how it didn’t show the town I was By while in woods
(outside Carbondale Makanda)

Anyways I know those older Point, and shoot camera with the GPS might be good
they are cheaper now to locate the GPS on the photo taken ,

I do like the fact some have a Way to make calls in the woods
pretty expensive though , but good for emergency .

I also have Bionoculars for seeing Alligator bark persimmon tree’s from a distance
I also found a new way to find pawpaws in the dark with a flash light technique , but haven’t tried it yet,

So far I’ve found a Pineapple pawpaw (tin, and full of seed, but end of year easy to re find I think
and one with 4 seeds Easy to re find , but I do not want to hike straight up past all the brier /rose bushes again
so didn’t find last year taking as different easier way. (just had the common pawpaw flavor though)
So last year a If I had GPS a earlier year it would of saved me some hassle .

Note I am a very Intuitive person, but like John Candy in the wagon master
when It comes to directions I am very bad, but in the end everything works out better getting lost.

I use a GPS quite a lot for hunting and foraging. I was always reluctant to get one I felt it would allow my map and compass skills to get rusty. I first had a cheap $200 GPS unit and I purchased the ONX map chip for Montana , The ONX chip showed land ownership so it made it easy to find a landowner to ask permission. I have since put the app on my phone . It makes it easy to mark hunting and foraging locations. I was a flip phone guy myself as well but having the maps on my phone is nice.

Thank you I had to switch provider just for a flip phone

I learned but not sure
Someone said I could just buy a phone, not have it activated, and still use
But doesn’t that have to be in a wireless zone, and not the middle of the woods.

Carrying around these , and forging can be fun ,
but It’s easy to have them lost or stolen when you just spend many days traveling
(I like to live in the moment sometimes having valuable stuff is not the best thing)
I may just get a Older Camera with GPS, but still good quality again for now
, but really wanted to know how to find my way if I needed to escape the woods
Guess I could go back with a GPS, and coordinance in spring for scion wood.
(a lot of typing from the camera GPS I would Guess though.)

The 'Gaia GPS ’ app is supposed to work great and it does not require internet to use the software/to access the GPS. Yet only the paid version allows offline maps. There is a membership fee after the short trial finishes, I never did get to try it. It works outside the USA as well.

I use a Garmin etrex 20x for hikes/walks in unfamiliar areas. It has several functions that might work for marking locations. You can mark waypoints (tree), create a route, and track your route. I mostly use it to mark the location of my vehicle and the destination I plan to go to. It might be worth reading the manual to see if it offers the functions you desire. Goggle also allows you to download large sections of the map to your phone or tablet and use offline. I use this as a backup.

Days after
I edited that So new people reading can see
Anyone Know ?

Hundred of bucks to lose Buying new is not good
(I have no excuse for being reckless or worse yet a $1000 of new stuff)
( , but one other time only sleep deprived especially traveling)
I hope A old version cheaper can be better

That being said about the recklessness
I have went up to some shady people on a bike (No sleep)
and the guy didn’t play guitar for 12 years, sounded like George Benson singing
Like a Angles Voice so it hasn’t been all bad experiences
I choose not to live in fear, but you win some, and lose some I suppose
(mostly has been good meeting local people in different places, and I travel With cheap stuff. except sometimes )

Other then GEO COACH
EDIT I hope someone knows maybe of a Hunters Forum I can ask as well Big help if you did.
I want to bow hunt anyways
(My ears hearing so a gun with ear plugs I do not want the sound blocked ear plug ruin the experience )