Graft care , mid season

A couple of threads have been touching on this subject lately but as I check my trees today I have a couple of questions. I now have 8 variety on my pear tree, bark grafted onto large stumps. They are all growing well , the longest is 53 inches of growth. I grafted two of each variety, but a couple failed to grow, lost one to wind, one got so weak at the connection it just broke loose, but I have at least one of each left. As part of the aftercare I have been removing all of the shoots the rootstock tree has been sending up. I would like to prune back the grafts late this winter and save the scion would to graft back onto the tree. Can I allow some of the rootstock shoots to start to grow out below my grafts as potential receivers of w&t grafts for next spring?

Yes you can allow rootstock shoots to grow out and whip graft them next year. Part of the problem with removing all the new shoots is vigorous growth of the grafts. Many people stake the new grafts and others cut them in half to make them less susceptible to wind.