Graft peaches next week (Mid Atlantic/East Coast)?

So far there hasn’t been a warm enough window for me to graft peaches or other stone fruits. Maryland and vicinity posters and others @scottfsmith any thoughts?

Looks like next week might work. Partly sunny and at least three days of 70s looks good, but it’s a somewhat short window and the peach leaves aren’t quite 1" yet. It also doesn’t look like the warmth really holds that well yet.

Would you do it or wait?

I’ll have to look up the temps from last year, but my second round of grafting in mid April took a lot better than my first round did.

If Monday is sunny enough (and therefore warms the grafts over air temp) I might even try Monday.

My preference would be to wait. Some callusing will probably occur on Tues, Wed, Thurs, but generally there are better windows which come along, at least as far as peaches go.

I’m in NoVa. and I was thinking about this up coming week myself. Weather looks like there will be no more nights in the 30’s. I’m doing pears, plums, and peaches. Persimmon and Jujube I was going to wait a little longer. Interested to hear what others say.

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I might do some and keep some scionwood. I guess I always worry about how long the Scionwood itself is going to last in the fridge.

@Olpea I guess I just worry about how long the scionwood will last.

If AccuWeather is any indication this might be the only window for several weeks. Miserably cold April in process.

The weather for the month looks like it only gets hotter. My thing is I want to get them cut before they fully leaf out. Gets a little harder after that. I’m still somewhat new to the game though, so don’t take my advice.

I get that for sure. I’ve found even wood pushing a small amount of leaf buds will still graft ok, if the temps are really good. Again I’m referring to peaches.

I keep my peach wood slightly frozen (at 32F). That really stops any advancement.

I keep this in a “dorm” fridge. I’ll admit, when I tried to keep wood in the food fridge, it was a lot more difficult.


Today’s going to be 66 but a fair amount of sunshine. The 70s starting tomorrow. I wonder if I gain any advantage by grafting today versus tomorrow:

I did some, but saved some scionwood.