Graft support

I have another thread about a pear tree that i grafted this spring. It seems that I am over my first hurdle and 14 of 16 grafts are growing. I bark grafted these and wrapped them with electrical tape. Thanks for everyone’s help to make this possible! I was warned that the grafts may need support. this was a large mature pear tree. Most of the grafts are on 2 to 3 inch limbs from 2 feet high to six feet high on the tree. Any sugestions on ways to support them ? We had 25 mile an hour winds the other day and I can see how this could cause an issue soon. I imagine that the graft connection is very fragile at this point.

You might screw some 1x2 wood strips onto the tree and tie off the grafts to the strips as they grow. Then in winter consider heading back the new growth to stiffen it up. After a couple yr the supports could come out.

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