Grafted pawpaws stool bed

Some of my Halvin, Mango, and Lakeshore pawpaw grafts from seedlings stool bed are showing sign of take by pushing buds and flowers.



Tony, just a warning. These things have taproots that are very fragile. They spread by rhizome, but often rely on the original taproot to survive. They don’t divide or transplant well. This is discussed here:

Thanks Matt,

Some how my stooling pawpaws had good root systems. Last year I dug up a couple medium size clones and gave to Antmary and they grew well for her. I dug them up in March while they were in a dormant state.



Why are your grafts so high up? Do you intent to have the mother plant to produce scaffolds and fruits along with the grafted varieties?


Where does Lakeshore Pawpaw originate? Brady

PersimmonBob wild pawpaw in Arkansas near his lake side property.


Nice work, Tony. Did you wait for the rootstock to start leafing out before you grafted?


Yes. They leafed our like the squirrel ears then I grafted them.



I grafted high because most of the pawpaw scions that I picked already had flowers buds on them so most of my pawpaw grafts will produce fruits the second year. I just wanted a bigger and taller understocks to support the fruits.




What can I say? You are the master.

Nice job, Tony! My paw paw grafts are still thinking.
Yes, Tony’s suckers grew better than a couple of grafted plants bought in a nursery. Probably because they were planted promptly after digging, they did not stay in a cold storage and shipping box.

Can you explain what you mean by “seedlings stool bed”? Thanks.

Stooling seedlings: I took a 3 years old pawpaw seedling and in early Spring and chopped it off a tad below ground level and covered it with a pile of saw dust. In the next several years, the chopped seedling sent out suckers or clones like crazy. I let them sized up to 3 to 4 feet then grafted good varieties on these clones or suckers. I dug these grafted clones the following Spring while in dormant state and planted them in their permanent spots and gave lots of them to relatives.


I have have chip grafted last year one seedling and this was successful graft, this is update video from today :smile:.

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Very nice Tony,

did the suckers root into the saw dust as intended?

Yes,. Some rooted in the large pile of saw dust and about 20 suckers spreaded out 10 feet circumference.



I had also 3 years old tree about 1.5-2 meter high and that tree suddenly died and from roots i had only one sucker :relaxed:.

I don’t know why but my pawpaw trees don’t send suckers, i have 7 years old seedling trees but no suckers around, once i have tried cutting a piece of roots about 20 cm and i hoped to get some suckers from that roots but nothing happened.

They spread all over. Grafted a few today.