Grafting Citrus - Indoors

So i’m thinking of grafting over some citrus I keep inside and need some advice and scion wood. This video gives an idea of what i’m planning I have two very large citrus trees that produce very tiny oranges every few years i grew from seed. Does anyone have suggestions? Every since I saw someone post their lemon harvest on here and some posts on pomelo’s grafting my trees over has not left my mind. I will still need some fairly cold hardy varieties because the location I keep them in can get down to 50 degrees at times. What citrus would do the best here?

50 degrees will include all citrus. Mandarins are fairly easy to grow, and some cultivars stay naturally compact, like Seedless Kishu. Meyer lemons are very prolific and many indoor citrus growers like to grow Meyer lemons indoors. So, “here” being indoors really means whatever citrus variety you prefer. I would pick the varieties you like to eat. Know that pummelos can get pretty large, so there would be more pruning involved, even if grafted onto orange tree rootstock. So, pick what you like to eat to graft. UC Riverside CCPP provides clean budwood and has many different cultivars available.


Thank you ! I grew a hybrid dwarf grapefruit / pomelo for a few years. A lemon might be fun. I will look and see what they have.