Grafting classes

Requests for scions are coming in like crazy and every weekend I am filling orders and will probably do so through the beginning of April.

And related to that if you want to learn how to graft and live near SE Ohio I will be giving two grafting classes this Spring.

The first will be on March 29th for the Raccoon Creek Partnership at:

This class will be in a Division of Wildlife building in Athens, Ohio. This group uses this event as a fund raiser for their creek reclamation group.

The second will be on April 5th at Bishop Educational Gardens:

This class will be located at the garden which is near Rockbridge, Ohio. Bishop Educational Garden is part of Hocking Soil and Water and this class is one of the programs I lead there.

There is a minimal fee to attend which is used to cover the cost of one root stock and one scion, no charge from me for the class

. Additional root stock and scions will be available for purchase if you want to graft more than one tree. I typically bring a dozen or so heirloom varieties out of my 1,400 varieties for people to choose from to graft.

Derek Mills

Hocking Hills Orchard at Four Seasons Cabins in SE Ohio.first%20grafting%20class%20of%202014


I will definitely try to get to one of those two classes this year. TY for the information.

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