Grafting completed

Grafted 100 apples, 50 antique varieties, this weekend and planted in my nursery. My inventory is up to about 120 antique varieties!


I haven’t even started grafting yet! We have one more week of frost risk here in the Mid-Atlantic before spring is finally here to stay.

It was 32 degrees F when I woke up this morning. Blah!


I still have a month before the risk of frosts are gone. I am looking forward to getting to start my grafts.


This has indeed been a wild spring for grafting… usually I have my apples and pears done by now but with these big swings I am still waiting. Its looking like the coming weekend will be my first big grafting session of the year.


@scottfsmith Are you waiting both for bench grafts and topwork? I’ve done a lot of topwork in last few days, hope the Bay will buffer the low temps here on the e. shore.

I just was referring to top working. I don’t do bench grafts to speak of. I did a bunch my first big grafting year and had many failures, most of which was my inexperience but it scared me off.

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